Our doctors utilize cutting edge diagnostic instruments to provide our patients with the most advanced eye exams possible.

Retinal Photography

The fundus camera photographs the retina. This digital technology is essential in diagnosing glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration.


Ocular Coherence Tomography images the retina. Similar to a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device, this machine can detect problems with the retina that do not show up in fundus photos. This machine is essential in diagnosing wet macular degeneration and glaucoma.


This instrument measures the unique curvature of patient’s cornea. These precise measurements are essential in contact-lens fitting, LASIK eye surgery and diagnosing conditions such as keratoconus.

YAG Laser

This instrument uses laser light to remove cloudy tissue precisely after cataract surgery.


The idoc digital imaging system integrates the functions of still digital photographs and live streaming video to capture images of the cornea, conjunctiva and lens of the eye.